Sea Monsters
Sea Monster


Ref: C53/32

Many sightings of sea monsters have been reported in earlier centuries – not so often this century. The sightings did not usually result in the capsize of a boat, as is dramatically depicted here, but some very large and unusual creatures have been seen.

Giant Squid

Ref: C225/10

The French gunboat Alecton trying to capture a giant squid off Tenerife, 30 November 1861. It was 20-24 feet long including its arms, with eyes as big as plates. They retrieved only the end of its tail. It is generally accepted now that giant squid do exist, though they are rarely seen.

Sea Monster


Ref: 95/RLS

Sea monster photographed by Robert Le Serrec in Stonehaven Bay, Hook Island, Australia, on 12 December 1964.

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