Fairies and Dwarves

Fairy circle


Ref: 2707

In fairylore, humans who see fairies dancing feel compelled to join in. But if they do so, they cannot escape and are taken into fairyland. When they are able to return home, seemingly only an hour or two later, they find that hundreds of years have passed and everyone they knew is dead. The picture shows a man being pulled back by his companions before he is entrapped in a fairy circle.

Cottingley fairies


Ref: C21/42

This famous series of 5 photographs was taken by two teenage girls living in Yorkshire. They painted fairy models and secured them in place with hat-pins. Many people were fooled for many years, until the two (by that time elderly ladies) confessed. This photograph shows Frances Griffiths with the fairies, photographed by Elsie Wright at Cottingley Glen in July 1917.



Ref: 7472

Hobgoblins are tricksy spirits, mischievous and fond of practical jokes. It is best not to annoy them!

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