Books by Janet & Colin Bord

Janet and Colin Bord have been writing books on subjects such as mysteries and strange phenomena, ancient sites, folklore, and British landscape enigmas, for more than 30 years, beginning with the now-classic Mysterious Britain. We have now had nearly 30 books published, and you can find information here on most of them, including availability. You can buy new copies (signed by us) of some of them direct from us; and you can usually obtain secondhand copies of the out-of-print titles from ABE and Amazon and other sources. We may also have available a few new copies of titles said to be unavailable, so please contact us for more details. The most recent publications are Janet Bord's two new books Cures and Curses: Ritual and Cult at Holy Wells and Holy Wells in Britain: A Guide - which together update Sacred Waters (1985). Janet is now working on a guide to the saints and their holy wells in Wales, which will take some time to complete because there are so many of them!

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The Enchanted Land
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